ep.025 – communicate… kindly

Yes, it’s Friday again and we are still in lockdown! On reflection this week has all been about communication, communication, communication. Whether it be the structured normalisation of listening into the government updates at 1pm and 3pm daily, updates on the wage subsidy from your employer, checking in with family and friends that aren’t in your bubble and the day to day interactions with those in your bubble. It is so important to keep the information and conversation flowing, information really is king and never has this been in the spotlight for me in my life than this week. The positives certainly are catching up with those that you really should keep in contact a lot more despite an epidemic, and it is so heartening to have these conversations and thanks to modern technology to be able to see these people at the same time through video conferencing and reliable internet connections. Yep, it has been a timely reminder that laziness is no excuse to keep in touch with people, and through talking things through especially in times of crisis, can be so healing to know especially through these conversations we truly understand that we are all in this together, we all have the same fears, worries, hopes and dreams. What’s enlightening from this is that deep down, this is true even though normal times, we are all human and share the same fears, worries, hopes and dreams, so imagine the healing and successful collaboration we could have by communicating with each other more through the less chaotic times.

When it comes to family and friends, the benefits of these are conversations, I believe are due to the closeness of the relationships we have which naturally brings quality and honesty in our conversations. This brought me to reflect on the many communications around the country and the world between employers and employees, who are now at a physical distance away from each other, the quality and trust of these communications has never been more important. They say, whoever they may be, that in times of crisis it brings out the worst and best in people and the same can be said for companies. It may be a bit harsh to say that any miscommunication during these times equates to the worst but it certainly equates to a lack of planning and thought before your you speak. Without naming and shaming this has happened this week and it may have not been deliberate but it does demonstrate the importance of having a pre-defined plan on how companies should co-ordinate and conduct their communications especially through trying and tense times for all. It is just too easy to get the wrong end of the stick and assume the worst. No matter how big or small let’s just all remember we are all in this together and let’s try and all share the same pain in an equitable manner.

Yes, these are unprecedented times, so let’s accept that people and companies are going to make mistakes but let’s make sure we all learn and we all learn quickly and probably more importantly is at home with our close ones within our bubble. It is undoubtedly a stressful time and the two worries at the top of most people’s list will be around health and financial certainty (or lack of), and what encompasses both of these is uncertainty and that is true for even the wealthiest and financially secure. There is no doubt that no one truly knows how this is all going to pan out, we can just have faith that if we work together to eradicate this nasty bug we will defeat it and in time through working together again in what will be a changed world, things will come right and who knows it could be for the better. In fact, surely it will be for the better as history has shown us that through a crisis humans time and time again have shown innovation not just through the invention of the tangible but also innovation or accelerated evolution of thought.

Yes, the air seems cleaner and there will be changes in the way we work as a result of utilising the latest communicative tech, hopefully resulting in less commuting and these are all very tangible things but what about how we think and treat each other? As our Prime Minister, Jacinda, said from the start we must be kind to each other. This is so true, we are all stuck individually with our thoughts, these can be a worrying distraction and can leave us short with the ones we love the most. But, let’s have empathy for those around us and this on reflection should be quite easy as we know, deep down, we are all worrying about the same things at this time especially so let’s be patient with each other, think before we speak and compassionate for each other’s feelings, what is a priority for one, may not be a priority for another. So let’s work together, take a step back, listen, understand and communicate kindly. Communicate, communicate, communicate, kindly and kindly to me is where the quality of the conversation lies through empathy and respect.

So let’s keep the thoughtful and kind conversation flowing and have faith that together we will get through this and be better as a result and… until next time… Wow wow wow, wow, wait I have an important announcement before I officially sign-off. We may all be in lockdown but tomorrow is a very special day, it is 5 years to the day that I married my Great Love, my beautiful wife Leish. Happy Anniversary Leish, we may not be able to out anywhere special to celebrate, instead, we will have a frugal night in but we are very lucky to have a chef within our bubble, so a big thanks to my brother-in-law Ash who will be our private chef for the night and to be honest most of the lockdown, thanks so much Ash you are a superstar. And to Leish I love you more and more as each day goes by and times may not be the greatest by world standards at the moment but one silver lining is getting to spend more quality time with you, little Stella and close family. Right, until next time really do have a happy fiday…

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