ep.023 – Virus / Crisis / Opportunities / Heroes

Well, well, well a week has gone already and we are back here again on the fiday Friday. So last week I went on a small rant about not following the herd and losing your shit. Well, a lot changes in seven days in the current climate, and I am not saying you should lose your shit and definitely not follow the herd to the supermarket as remaining calm and collected is still my philosophy. However, it is becoming clear that change is upon us, as human beings, we almost appear to be generally pre-wired to fear change but why with change yes you have a potential downside but what about the potential upside. Is your glass half full, or half-empty? In New Zealand, we are in a unique and privileged position (so far I have to caveat), yes being on the arse end of the world, with a land mass greater than the UK and a comparatively very small population has given our country one of the best chances of tacking this.

Hopefully, the measures being taken to protect us will stave off any worst-case scenario from a health perspective but how are we going to be affected economically? Well the fear from an economic point of view, I believe is born from the game we are currently playing, the same basic game we have been playing since the start of the first industrial revolution. Now I don’t think this is as simple as socialism versus capitalism debate but make no doubt about it the extreme measures being put in place across the world are likely to make everlasting changes to the way we work and maybe the way that we accumulate and distribute wealth. But before even getting into a huge political debate let’s look at the seemingly smaller stuff. We are all being encouraged and depending on where you are forced to socially isolate, and work from home if you are able to.

This will be a long-term game changer for those that are able to work from home use this to your advantage and ensure that productivity at least stays the same it could even go up. Prove to the powers that be that the traditional boss looking over your shoulder, watching your every move to ensure they get the most out of you, actually doesn’t work. For those of us in the fortunate position to be able to do what we on a daily basis
normally many miles or kilometres from our home sweet home, actually at our home with no commuting, the ability to flexibly move between life-admin and work admin in our own time and schedule actually means that when we are working we are giving our employer the best working version of ourselves, and in turn they will be getting better productivity whilst we get increased contentment knowing that our family needs are also being given the best family version of ourselves.

This really will be a win-win for a lot for society, when this virus settles down and is under control. But what does this mean in the midst of the war against the virus? It means, please, please, please get off your arse, turn the media-hyped news updates off the telly and focus on your work and your family and ensure you are more productive in both areas than you ever have been. This really could lead to better relationships, better work-life balance and more productivity for business owners. Now yes I could now also bang on about the potential of a
universal basic income, how it could work and changing the way we financially reward human behaviour beyond the capitalistic game much of the western world has become accustomed to. There is a good opportunity for this to happen during this time too, we are going to uncover newfound heroes that go beyond the average human to help their vulnerable neighbours out, the opportunity to innovate should increase as necessity is the mother of invention, I could go on and on, but I want to get back to my family after recording this podcast and look for a way that my wife and I can pivot the way we generate an income. The bottom line is, we are in a crisis
but out of a crisis comes learning and opportunity. Look for those opportunities now as those that do will prosper the most not just financially but with their relationships.

We are in a time where we are being advised to distance ourselves physically but I really think it is bringing us closer together in spirit. I was talking on Messenger to me good old mate Stuart back in Sheffield in the UK this morning and things are much worse back at my old home than in NZ. A lot of respect and praise has to go out to the heroes in countries like the UK at the moment, those heroes working in the health sector, the nurses, doctors, cleaners working on the frontline doing all they can to protect their fellow humans. To them all, a big thank you from the rest of the human race, we wouldn’t be here without you and we hope you are rewarded
better than you have been a society evolves and learns from this crisis.

I would also like to give a shout out to me matey Stuart, you haven’t had it easy over the last few months mate, but you are doing yourself proud and times are hard now but look out for those opportunities and grasp them with both hands, you deserve good fortune mate and I am sure it is coming. To the rest of you listening, trust me the current situation will not all be doom and gloom, so look for the opportunities life will present over the coming months, and until the next 7 days… happy fiday.

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