ep.021 – get out of your cave…

So for this week’s FI update – I am now carrying out a monthly categorisation and analysis of all our income and expenses, using GNUCash – which is giving me my dopamine fix and good insight on how well we are controlling our expenses. At the moment there are no surprises and all is relatively in line with our FIRE budget, so it is just a matter of practising patience. Outside of FI but very closely related (as this FI journey has made me focus on life holistically and generally improving our family’s life not just our finances), I have been looking for a bit of self-help and guidance and that has recently come in the form of Russel Brand – and for those of you that know Russel unless you have watched or listened to any of his stuff lately he is probably not the first person you would associate with self-help by any stretch of the imagination. Especially if your only lasting memory of him is from the early 2000s and his various addictions. But I think all of us find life-turnarounds so fascinating and there is a lot of
learning there and I am thankful I don’t have to go through the horror and torment of addictions to learn these lessons but can listen to people like Russell who are now in a good place and the things they have done to right themselves.

Now, I am not saying that I am learning from Russell as a preventative measure in case I ever fall into addiction but I can appreciate that on the road to recovery, which is a must in that situation it must force you to also look at your life holistically like I am doing now and seek ways to improve in all areas, not just the worst. It is great to hear Russel talk about the real meaning and moving away from materialism and seeking answers on how and why we act the way we do within our communities. He is so eloquent in the way that he speaks to, and his lexicon is so far beyond what I could ever imagine mine to be and all delivered in his own unique and sometimes uncouth style makes these learnings very entertaining.
So I have listened to three great podcasts recently, one where he was on the Joe Rogan podcast and the two others from Russel’s ‘Under The Skin Podcast’ where he interviewed Jay Shetty and Neil DeGrasse Tyson. I am not going to spoil them for you by going into all the detail but go and check them out. The Joe Rogan was an over 3 hours marathon where they talked about everything and anything going off on many different tangents, so entertaining and thought-provoking but definitely for adults only. Jay Shetty, on the other hand, is an ex-monk, although you would never guess at first impressions and again this was a very insightful interview that lets you delve into his philosophy around intention – for an ex-monk Jay makes these things so accessible. And finally, Neil DeGrasse Tyson is an astronomical legend, quite literally and this was an amazing interview with some huge very high-level aha moments on the human race and how and why have we become so divided. Anyway, as I said I won’t spoil it for you anymore, go check them out.

I think it is so important to get out of our caves sometimes and contemplate the things that are so much bigger than ourselves as it really puts things into perspective – aye Gary! All those tasks that are stressing me out, it is great to reflect on the bigger picture and put these tasks and importantly my feelings about them in their place as they are really not as important as the relationships I should be nurturing and my intention behind how I behave and interact on a day to day basis. This reminds me that last night I randomly, or not so randomly – thanks YouTube
algorithm, landed on a Tom Bilyeu interview with Trevor Moawad who has worked with some of the biggest sports teams in America to improve their performance and what stands behind this improved sports performance in predicated upon the fact that we all have an internal voice and it can be so manic with lots of ransom thoughts including negative ones, and focussing on these thoughts tend not to provide positive outcomes. Especially focussing on those negative thoughts to the point when you then vocalise the thoughts makes them even powerful.

Again go and check out this ‘Impact Theory’ interview on Tom Bilyeu’s YouTube channel as you will get so much more out of it than I can provide second-hand. But it really got me thinking about checking the way I am thinking, Trevor was really advocating for focussing or replacing with positive thoughts just understanding the effect of a negative dialogue internally and especially externally can have on your life. It is not surprising he has been so successful in his field in the world of sports and these are classic arenas where we have seen time and time again the best players psyche themselves out when success seemed inevitable. But we don’t have to be the best quarter back in the world to benefit from this wisdom, so I am going to trial not speaking negatively an actively try and catch myself out whenever I do, and I will, of course, report back to you on how this is going. So yes we are on a financial independence journey, but why are we on this particular journey, as I have said before we all want to be happy or more importantly to focus on we all want to be content, so whilst we are checking the finance don’t get stressed about the lows and take a step back form negativity – so until next time… happy fiday.

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